With Firm Reliance is an excellent resource for anyone desiring to learn how Christianity fundamentally shaped the founding of America.

Referring extensively to primary source works, With Firm Reliance includes dozens of quotes from Presidents, Founding Fathers, and prominent individuals that reveal how Christianity greatly influenced America’s founding.

Discover the faith of the Founding Fathers, the significant role pastors played in the fight for Independence, and the impassioned prayer at the start of the First Continental Congress.  Read a fasting proclamation by President Washington, learn about Congress’ support of missionaries, and find the truth about the misinterpreted phrase “separation of church and state.”  

Divided into eight topics, With Firm Reliance uses a creative format and appealing design to convey the strong impact of Christian principles on America’s founding years.  Included among the numerous footnotes are many links to the online sources for further individual study, making this book a useful history supplement for students.

With Firm Reliance
by Josh Pittman
"This is a marvelous resource to supplement your American History, American Government, Constitution or other social studies courses. I am very excited about this resource and intend to use it with our history courses this school year."  (read full review)
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